Welcome to My Fanfic Archive

In summer 2015 I started this new blog as a place to archive and link text files of my old stories and to post copies of my new fanfiction. All of my previous fanfiction can still be found in html format (with banners and backgrounds — and, unfortunately, ads) and text format at my previous website: http://bellefleur1013.tripod.com/.

After the trainwreck of a reboot aired in 2016, I lost all desire to write for these characters or to interact with this franchise. In 2018, I came back to revisit the site and have added a few new stories. I intend to keep my stories online, although I don’t know whether I will return to writing fanfiction for the long run. Please enjoy the memories of what the X-Files once was and the incredible characters that Mulder and Scully used to be.

To find specific stories, visit these indexes at the Tripod site (not updated with stories after 2015):

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